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Now that you have chosen the builder, and you're ready to make an offer, it's time to take a look at this phase of the transaction. Your Realtor will help you to prepare the right offer and help you to examine what terms should be included in your contract.

If you are building a home from scratch, most builders will not budge much if at all on the price of the home and/or options. If you are placing an offer on a builder's inventory home, the builder may accept a lower offer, or may be willing to throw in some additional options.

Your offer should always be made according to what you are willing to pay AND what you are able to pay. If your offer is accompanied by a letter of pre-approval from your lender, it will improve its chances of being accepted. Your offer should also include any contingencies or conditions which you need met prior to signing the contract.

Your real estate representative will play a very big role in this phase of the transaction and they should be well versed in writing contracts and dealing with contingencies. There a several contingencies which should be included in your offer to buy:

  • Financing
    This contingency states that the contract is only valid if the buyer is able to secure their home loan. If you have not been pre-approved, this is a must-have term. This contingency can affect whether or not the seller will accept your offer depending on their feelings about your creditworthiness.
  • Clear Title
    Include terms that allow you to back out of the contract if there are any problems with the property's title.

You may have special circumstances or terms which need to be part of your contract such as making the purchase contingent on the sale of your home. These contingencies and others can all be placed in the contract. Your Realtor will help you draft a contract that protects your interests and accommodates your special circumstances.

NOTE OF CAUTION: When you present an offer to the builder, the builder has the right to accept, negotiate or turn down your offer. The more terms and hoops they have to go through to meet the contract requirements, the more likely it is that the contract will not be accepted.

When you choose a Realtor to represent you, you need to trust that they will be there to represent your interests. Once you've made your offer, you need to be accessible to your agent because the builder may be willing to negotiate.

If the builder is willing to negotiate, offers and counter-offers will go back and forth until an agreement is made or either party walks away. By being available to your agent, you can negotiate quickly. This is important because builders have the right to accept offers from other potential buyers until there is a signed contract in place. If the market is moving quickly and the home you wish to buy is popular, you could lose the home to someone else if you are not available for negotiation.

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